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Genre Music documentary
Duration 48 minutes
Language English, Greek
Subtitles English
Location Berlin (Germany), Ermioni (Greece)
Format Full HD / Color (25p in 16:9)

Year 2022

Director & Editor Leander Behal
Producer Leander Behal

Starring Christos Drouzas, George Kokkinaris

Logline Two Greek musicians create a musical performance in spite of underfunding, creative struggles and noise complaints.

Synopsis George has just moved to Berlin. During the day he delivers cakes. At night he works as a double bass player. His latest project: An experimental concert composed by his friend and collaborator Christos, which is set to premiere in their Greek homeland. Many things are standing in their way; noise complaints, a cheap bass, dogs, and capitalism, to name a few. But nothing will stop them from doing what they love. Not even their neighbours.


Festivals To be announced


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CAN YOU BOW? ©2022 Leander Behal. Director of Photography: River Casas.

Director's Statement

"George is a double bassist and self-proclaimed hard-timer: 'I'm always having a hard time', he says. Christos is a composer, which is funny because he does seem more composed than George. While they make an unlikely pair, they are a perfect fit when it comes to music."

Can You Bow

Festivals to be announced shortly!

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