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Genre Surreal drama                           
Duration 13 minutes
Language German
Subtitles English
Location Berlin (Germany)
Format Full HD / Color (25p in 2.35:1)

Year 2018

Writer & Director Leander Behal
Producer Leander Behal

Starring Diego Andreas, Lee Reimers

Logline Twin brothers wake up in a strange-looking room with no memory of how they got there and no means of escape.

Synopsis Twin brothers Martin and Christoph find themselves in an organic chamber after falling asleep on their flight. They are locked in with no means of escaping. At first, they believe they have been put into some sort of isolation chamber. But this is far from the truth. The truth is far more disturbing.

Festivals Camgaroo Award 2019 (nominated), 35. Videografika (2nd prize), Deutscher Jugendfilmpreis 2019 (nominated), BFF FICTION Kurzfilmfestival Schrobenhausen 2020 (official selection).


FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE ©2018 Leander Behal. Director of Photography: Konrad Waldmann

Director's Statement

"From the Cradle to the Grave tells the story of two brothers in a state of crisis. Martin and Christoph find themselves in unknown, possibly dangerous surroundings and do what they have always done: Stick together. But at the same time, this situation leads to conflicts between the two, because they are so fundamentally unalike. Trapped in a room with no means of escape, two radically different personalities clash. The result: A cocktail of doubts, fears, anger and love."

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