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Genre Surreal drama
Duration 10 minutes
Language English
Location Berlin (Germany)
Format Full HD / Color (25p in 16:9)

Year 2017

Writer & Director Leander Behal

Starring Lee Reimers, Marie Bebber

Logline An office worker seeking a promotion receives very mixed signals from his own body.

Synopsis Jordan Fields is an office worker looking to be promoted. He might have a good chance of it too. If only his body would stop behaving so strangely...

Festivals In-Short 2017 (official selection), Austrian Filmfestival 2019 (official selection).


Out of the Shell - Still 1.jpg
OUT OF THE SHELL ©2017 Leander Behal. Director of Photography: Salim Yousef

Director's Statement

Not much to say about this one, except that this is where it all started. My first proper short film. This was also my first collaboration with actor Lee Reimers, whom I would go on to work with frequently. It also marks the beginning of my collaboration with composer Christos Drouzas, who has scored the majority of my films.

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